Community Space is located in the sweet ole’ church building on the corner of 12th and 96th. While different congregations have made their home in the building, there are currently three ministries who inhabit the space - Emmaus Road, Harbor, and The House. The partnership of these ministries birthed Community Space as a way to leverage the space and resources in the building for the good of the neighborhood.

Staying local and having influence in the surrounding neighborhood is a high value. We appreciate the strong neighborhood identity in Maple Leaf. The residential and business communities partner well, creating a local neighborhood feel. We hope to encourage and participate in that energy.

Community Space partners with New Horizons and Aurora Commons, two local non profits providing relief to those who find their home on the streets. New Horizons partners with youth to exit street life. Aurora Commons cultivates community and a corresponding network of care to confront disparity. Join us as we prepare and serve monthly meals, gather needed supplies, and provide resourcing in partnership with these two organizations.

Community Space is also used for the transformation of people’s lives. Because recovery work has a direct correlation in keeping people off the streets, Community Space offers it’s space to several recovery groups each week. We believe all humans matter and deserve a second chance.

We’re also creating constructive opportunities for collaboration around the social issues Seattle faces on a daily basis. Our hope is to create space for dialogue around these issues at a local level. How might a strong community in this corner of the city influence and participate in solutions around issues such as the disparity among the rich and poor, the growing homeless population, and even addressing the loneliness felt in our senior and elderly population.

We have big dreams for the future, the ideas are endless...a hub for the arts and music, a community garden, or maybe even, a doggie oasis. Come dream with us and share your ideas.