Church is not a once a week activity that we do. Church is the act of serving and love God every day of the week. Here at Emmaus Road, we take seriously the idea of the church serving beyond Sunday mornings. Listed here are just a few of the many ministries that our members serve during the week.

New Horizons

We have a long-standing history partnering alongside New Horizons ministry. From having our worship services within their ministry building for years to our monthly Wednesday nights serving dinner to the youth, New Horizons has been a ministry close to our hearts. They are a ministry in the downtown Seattle area that helps to serve the youth on the streets. From 1978 they have been helping connect youth in need with basic services they need and good relationships with adults.

Aurora Commons

Aurora Commons is a ministry on the Aurora corridor serving those without homes. It was started by one of our sister churches a few years ago. We build street packs for them on our Service Sundays, one of our small groups provides meals, and more members help serve in other ways.

Community Space

Community Space is what we call our ministry in the neighborhood. It is our way of leveraging the space we have been given to be used as a blessing to our neighbors. We partner with Harbor church and The House to host 6 community events a year; including a Trick-or-Treat event with polka music, a Christmas Carols and Solstice fest, and a large Easter Egg Hunt at a nearby park. We encourage you to click-through and learn more about the amazing opportunities to partner with us.